Aben is the only Customer Data Platform that:

Provides Context Outside the 4 Walls.

Recommends quantifiable actions.

Measures real results.

Modular Solutions

We play well with others.

Customer Data Platform

Convert disparate data sets into a single source of truth for segmentation, personalization, and insights that yield a competitive advantage.

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Benchmarking & Insights

Tap into the robust data of the credit card networks to understand who your customers are, and how you’re performing in the local market.

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Marketing Automation

Trigger omni-channel campaigns based upon actual customer behavior. Use our tools or connect to other marketing tools through our CDP

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Marketing Measurement

Get the true ROI of your capital expenditures: compare results to the local market or utilize test and control at the store - or guest - level.

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Local Performance Marketing

Distribute card-linked offers that target new, lapsed, or your competitors’ customers.

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A Window for your Four Walls.

For omni-channel brands, Aben pulls back the curtain on $40T in global consumer spend by leveraging data from credit card network and POS partnerships. Pairing this external data with first party-owned, internal data, the Aben Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides complete context, recommends quantifiable actions, and measures real results.

How We Do it

Brick and mortar businesses have limited visibility outside of their four walls. The line of sight is further limited by consumer privacy challenges as website cookies, email open rates, and even mobile-based location data begin to disappear. However, the single most reliable metric is now accessible through Aben: the real sales data of nearby businesses.

Use timely consumer spending data for transparency into sales, traffic, average check, frequency, recency, share of wallet, or share of stomach for your brick & mortar business – and your competition.


Aben monitors changes in discretionary spending and first-party data to shine a light on opportunities at the store level with quantified recommendations. Easily take action through email, SMS, card-linked offers, direct mail, or digital advertising.


Measure the results of campaigns, media buys, store remodels, hiring and training efforts, LTOs, and price changes inside – and outside - the four walls of your business. Aben reveals sales, traffic, average check, new vs. repeat guests, customer lifetime value, & more!

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