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Show your customers their truth with the benchmarking tool of the future

Until Aben, industry benchmarking data has been near worthless. The only value, if it can even be called that, would be the warm and fuzzies a business gets knowing that there’s someone out there more miserable than they are.

On the flip side, current leading benchmark tools give businesses fragmented data with grossly limited scope, leaving them to grasp at conclusions when answering financial, strategy, marketing, and operations questions.


Understand their performance against their local markets. You know, where their customers actually spend, based on Aben's proprietary data and compset functionalilty.​

Marketing Decisions

Make informed marketing decisions based upon shared wallet, customer frequency and recency, customer demographics, sales, and other market performance data.​​


Measure the real ROI of marketing campaigns and strategic decisions based upon actual card and POS spend.​


Don’t let your customers continue to be led by the blind. Establish yourself as a partner that your customers can trust and THE industry leader in data-driven decision by leveraging Aben’s Benchmark Tool.


Aben’s ML and proprietary data increases customer ROI up to 14x compared to traditional marketing

Who should I target? When should I activate marketing?

That may feel overly simplified, but when leveraging Aben’s MarketingOS, our partners take what has been sadly accepted as alchemy, and turn it into simple button-clicking.

Aben’s machine learning diagnoses problems and opportunities based on real customer spending patterns at a business and its competitors, and then offers treatment at the click of a button.

Not only does this eliminate the painful process of combing through fragmented, stale data to determine how much to spend on marketing and whom to target, but our proprietary delivery mechanisms can increase your customers’ ROI by 4 – 14x compared to traditional marketing.

How? We target consumers that are much more likely to spend at your customers based upon consumers’ existing spending patterns. Thank you, proprietary data!

[Measuring ROI]

Give your customers peace of mind with the true ROI of marketing actions

Whether businesses are spending 2% or 20% on marketing, the real question they want answered is "What was my ROI?"
Partners that leverage the full suite of Aben tools give their customers the ability to check the true ROI of marketing actions based on their local compset and real customer spend data. The peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what they’re returning on their marketing spend is what you might call life-changing.


From payment tokens, cookies, and coupons to the dozen other measuring mechanisms in use today, nothing can paint the full picture for a business in an easily digestible way.

At Aben, we don’t just think traditional business solutions are missing the picture – they’re not even getting paint on the canvas.

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