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Find your truth with the benchmarking tool of the future

Traditional benchmark tools are fragmented, biased, and frankly, unreliable. At Aben we believe the one source of truth to be customer spend data at a local level With that in mind, we created the Aben Benchmark to answer the following questions:

How is my store performing in its local market?

Am I losing customers?

Should I run marketing?

What potential customers do I target?

Did my marketing work?


By leveraging our proprietary data sets and recommendation engine, you no longer have to assume correlations between spreadsheets. Know exactly how you’re doing , whom you should be targeting, when you should target them, and the ROI of your marketing efforts based upon real, aggregate customer spend data in your market.
It’s the 21st century: isn’t it time to put the concepts of big data and machine learning to practical tasks?


Returns up to 14x greater than your current marketing

Assuming you can identify your ideal customer using POS, loyalty, or CRM data, the question then becomes how do you efficiently attract more customers that fit that mold?

Aben’s MarketingOS not only solves that problem for you, but proactively identifies a problem or opportunity, quantifies a recommended action, and offers to solve it with the click of a button.

How? With our proprietary data, machine learning algorithms, and local compsets, we measure key attributes like customer frequency, shared wallet, and other financial and consumer insights metrics. From there, it becomes an exercise in execution using our digital marketing tools.

Email Marketing

Our data science autonomously optimizes your customer segments to target high propensity spends. Automatically close the loop by monitoring spend from those who opened your emails.

Digital Marketing

Target lapsed customers and potential customers who spend frequently in your category at a local market level. Automatically close the loop by monitoring customer spend.

[Measuring ROI]

Discover the true ROI of your marketing actions

Whether businesses are spending 2% or 20% on marketing, the real question they want answered is, "What was my ROI?"
We show you the true ROI of marketing actions based local compset and real customer spend data. At Aben, the peace of mind and confidence derived from knowing exactly what you’re returning on your marketing spend is our ultimate goal for every customer.


From payment tokens, cookies, and coupons to the dozen other measuring mechanisms in use today, nothing can paint the full picture for a business in an easily digestible way.

At Aben, we don’t just think traditional business solutions are missing the picture – they’re not even getting paint on the canvas.

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